Film Roll 22 : Tahiti

If you haven’t already, put Tahiti on your bucket list.

I shot one roll of Portra 400 on our trip. My Nikon FM2 advances with or without taking a shot. I counted 14 blank frames… so this is the rest.

  Our hotel: Moorea Pearl Resort and Spa

 Everyone was sunkissed. We went through 3 containers of sunscreen. No one got burnt.

 We rented a car for 24 hours. Riley enjoyed a nap.

  The rest of us enjoyed the lookout at Mt. Belvedere.

   We spent the evening at Opunohu Bay.

  Luke trying to draw the sunset.

  Me in the pool with my Hinano.


  Waiting for the ferry to Tahiti Nui.


We found an awesome ocean front park in Papaete to kill some time at. There were 3 different play ground, a sand football field, and a jogging path on the water. It is also the spot where the Hokulea landed in 1976. The sun set right over Moorea. I want to go back.


  1. LeeYen wrote:

    Hi Love these! I miss home :( I’m glad that even though you live in Hawaii, you still found that Tahiti & Moorea have their own little charm :D

  2. Peta wrote:

    These are all so beautiful! Now I have one more place added to my long list of places to go!

  3. Bridget wrote:

    That’s where we honeymooned! I have a pic of David in that EXACT spot! The bungalows right behind you are where we were overwater. You just brought me back to 13 years ago. LOVE! xo See you soooooooon! Can’t wait to see your smiling face!