Film Rolls 19 & 20 : the Pool and other stuff

I am really missing summer right now. No flu, no school, no worries. I guess that is how I misplaced these two rolls of film.

You can click back to the other film I shot this summer at the same time in my underwater film camera.

Something I read recently that hits my parenting style nail on the head.

Donate here if you want to be a part of something beautiful.

I can’t pick just one, but this link may change the way you organize, fold, and eat.

And another because we have recently been doing this at home. Typing on my door desk!

This last shot was taken in Seattle right before my camera jammed. Lost about 1/4 of this roll. Happy for the images I have.

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  1. john hook wrote:

    sweet ones.
    thanks for those links too