Road Trip : Seattle to Portland

Road tripping on Oahu only lasts about a day.  To be able to really get some miles in we head out to a continent.  My family and I have done two trips to Australia and three in North America.  Our goal this year was to fly to JFK and drive down to Orlando, but with my injury in January, it had to be postponed.

All photos taken with iPhone5 and mostly edited with the VSCO app.

Did you know that thing on the tip of the wing of the plane is called a winglet.

Snugglefest 2012

White beard and our second stop of the trip, Trader Joe’s. Hot cocoa was the priority.

Tested hotel beds for bounciness then headed outdoors.

Jefferson Park is the best park in Seattle.

Another white beard at Geraldine’s Counter, a kid friendly cozy diner. Aquarium on the right.

Since the last time we were in town this big thing was built.

Waiting for the Shoda family to join us. They got stuck in bad traffic. Warning: click that link and you will get lost.

Ferries are A-OK.

My lovely friend Heather also got caught in traffic but we were so happy to see her.

Kissing Evey good-bye at the original Starbucks.

The pillows said “Sweet Dreams” and they handed out warm chocolate chip cookies in the lobby.

Fueled up at Shakabrah Java in Tacoma before driving to Oregon. Thanks Benj for the recommendation!

Crossed into Oregon and got pooped on by these birds. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t take a photo. Insert Cannon Beach  here.

Another great kid friendly cozy breakfast place called Bumblekiss.

Spent some cash at Voodoo Doughnut Too.

Hit up Mount Tabor Park but got rained out. Put a pin in the map at the visitor’s office.

Best way to get out of the rain is Powell’s Books.

My interpretation of walking and reading.

Got hailed on at IKEA.

A chair I want and boys restling next to TQ, child of my bride and photographer friend Rachel Hadiashar.

Three hours later.

Still reading. Last night in Portland was awesome.

Witnessed Portland’s 2nd Annual Zombie & Monster Pub Crawl and did dessert at Voodoo Doughnut.

Rain to sunshine in one day. Glad to be home. I’m headed to Korea next!

If you feel the need to witness more road trips, my friends are on an EPIC 18 day journey right now. Follow their misadventures and bad decisions here. Their end goal is a book and I am very excited to pick up my copy in January. Attempt to beat me in Instagram likes on all photos with the Wish You Were Here book hashtag. #WUWHBook @real_gone @john_hook @vforvincent @chadmcguire @sticksxstonesjewelry @thunderhug


  1. Lisa wrote:

    Awesome pics! Looks like you guys had fun!

  2. Lisa wrote:

    I’m glad to see an update from you. These pictures are amazing, I bet the little dudes had a blast!