Medoff Family : Shark’s Cove : Oahu

Winter has officially arrived with the first swell hitting the North Shore this week. In Hawaii, our seasons are determined by which shore the waves are hitting. Summer means waves in the south, and winter means thousands of surfers’ migrating to the North.  I try to take advantage of the calm, clean ocean on the North Shore during the summer for photo shoots and mermaiding sessions.

This session is from the last week of August, when the ocean was still and very friendly. The beautiful mom featured here is actually an old client. I shot her high school senior portraits and her brother’s wedding.  I’m really glad we got to catch up and enjoy the ocean together.


  1. Siobhan wrote:

    OMG – a Turtle! Wow! These are beautiful as ever Marina. Congratulations!

  2. jen wrote:

    so lovely. that bw with the bubbles at her hand… insanely stunning.

  3. jm wrote:

    killer… again…

  4. LisaLisa wrote:

    OMG! These pictures makes me wanna get prego again! I. LOVE. THESE. PICTURES! You rock!

  5. Andrea wrote:

    Wonderful!!! I love the black and white of her with the turtle. Just amazing!

  6. ali wrote:

    absolutely stunning! the portrait of her underwater with dad and baby standing on the cliff is breathtaking. beautiful work as always!